Put Mischievous Mold to an End with Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Among all house damaging factors such as termites, dust mites, rot, and mold (mildew), the mold are the most menacing elements. These reprobates secretly make their way to your premises and slowly eat up your endearing establishment. The mold not only harms your home, but also threatens your life. Hence, it is quite requisite to evolve a solution that can put these harming entities to an end, but before that, let’s know more about mold and discuss how a menacing mold can severely damage your residence while attacking your health.

Evil Effects of Mold

Molds, a.k.a. moulds are the multi-cellular organisms that are the part of the fungus family. According to studies, these creatures evolved around 400 years ago and since, then are damaging the comely constructions and harming the health of living creatures. These can grow on the food items or in houses and generally thrive in the damp or humid places. They grow rapidly in the damped places such as the vented crawl spaces and also in the houses made of wood.


Apart from all its actions of damaging our endearing establishments, it also threatens our lives. The studies confirm that a considerable exposure to the molds can cause us prone to the exasperate allergies. Moreover, if you are an asthma patient, then exposure to the mold can even cause you- asthma attacks. So, beware and take an action instantly as soon as you suspect the presence of these mischievous devils as having mold in your house means having molds in the air and might having it inside your body as well!

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier –The Panacea

It’s obvious to get horrified at the sight of molds occupying your dream house completely. ‘Not to panic’ is the key! The greatest and foolproof solution is to install the moisture barrier in crawl space or in the highly affected area. The crawl space insulation ceases the moisture and the dampness in the moisture prone areas such as vented crawl spaces and damped basements.

Buy it now!

There are several foundations which provide crawl space vapor barrier in low costs. These vapor barriers is multi-layered and has the ingredients to fight the molds and check its advent as well as escalation. One of the most renowned, reputed and reliable service providers is http://www.obex11.com/ . Consult and contact them immediately as you suspect mold in any corner of your home and get a better, safer and healthier place to live in!


Benefits of Buying 10 Mil Plastic Sheeting in Your Home

Whether you happen to live in a dry region or one with more than its share of rain there is no escaping the presence of moisture in the home that seeps through crawlspaces, foundations and walls to eventually make its way into our homes bringing with it germs, radon, termites and other health hazards.   Protecting your home and health from the harmful effects of water vapor requires wrapping crawlspaces and foundation walls in plastic sheeting.

Durable and strong multi- purpose plastic film used in different kinds of construction projects is generally referred to as plastic sheeting or vapor barrier.  Heavy duty plastic sheeting used for construction purposes is generally weather resistant, wrinkle resistant and termite resistant as well. When placed inside a dry wall it acts as an insulating barrier to prevent water vapor from seeping through the walls. Till some time back 6 mil plastic sheeting was generally used to cover crawlspaces and walls but it did not prove very effective in preventing some amount of water vapor from seeping through. Also 6 mil plastic sheeting often developed punctures and holes during placement of heavy concrete and foundation reinforcement allowing water vapor to easily pass through along with termites.


Using 10 mil plastic sheeting ensures that the covering is thick enough preventing punctures caused by placement of weight on top. There are many types of 10 mil plastic sheeting available in the market but when it comes to securing your home against moisture it is best to choose high quality over low price.  The best 10 mil plastic sheeting available in the market are the ones manufactured from virgin polyethylene pellets with two layers bonded together using scientific engineering to provide extra protection against radon, moisture and termites.

The best thing about using 10 mil plastic sheeting during construction is the fact that it can be used as a water and dust cover almost anywhere in the home. You can use it to prevent roofs from leaking or under wood floors for added protection. Its thickness allows it to be used to serve a variety of useful purposes including acting as a weather cover to protect outdoor machinery and equipment.