Put Mischievous Mold to an End with Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Among all house damaging factors such as termites, dust mites, rot, and mold (mildew), the mold are the most menacing elements. These reprobates secretly make their way to your premises and slowly eat up your endearing establishment. The mold not only harms your home, but also threatens your life. Hence, it is quite requisite to evolve a solution that can put these harming entities to an end, but before that, let’s know more about mold and discuss how a menacing mold can severely damage your residence while attacking your health.

Evil Effects of Mold

Molds, a.k.a. moulds are the multi-cellular organisms that are the part of the fungus family. According to studies, these creatures evolved around 400 years ago and since, then are damaging the comely constructions and harming the health of living creatures. These can grow on the food items or in houses and generally thrive in the damp or humid places. They grow rapidly in the damped places such as the vented crawl spaces and also in the houses made of wood.


Apart from all its actions of damaging our endearing establishments, it also threatens our lives. The studies confirm that a considerable exposure to the molds can cause us prone to the exasperate allergies. Moreover, if you are an asthma patient, then exposure to the mold can even cause you- asthma attacks. So, beware and take an action instantly as soon as you suspect the presence of these mischievous devils as having mold in your house means having molds in the air and might having it inside your body as well!

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier –The Panacea

It’s obvious to get horrified at the sight of molds occupying your dream house completely. ‘Not to panic’ is the key! The greatest and foolproof solution is to install the moisture barrier in crawl space or in the highly affected area. The crawl space insulation ceases the moisture and the dampness in the moisture prone areas such as vented crawl spaces and damped basements.

Buy it now!

There are several foundations which provide crawl space vapor barrier in low costs. These vapor barriers is multi-layered and has the ingredients to fight the molds and check its advent as well as escalation. One of the most renowned, reputed and reliable service providers is http://www.obex11.com/ . Consult and contact them immediately as you suspect mold in any corner of your home and get a better, safer and healthier place to live in!


How I Prevented My Premises From Weeds And Termites

It has been long, since I am living in a weed-free house and leading a stress-free life in my home along with my family. Now, I and my family don’t worry about the termites, mildew, or weeds, because our establishment doesn’t have any of it and the possibilities are, it’s not going to have it soon in the foreseeable future. Now, I know, you want to figure out the reason behind my blessed house, but before revealing that, here, I want to give you a quick flashback of my biggest residential trouble which was damaging my endearing establishment and ruining the peace of my mind.


A few years before, I noticed the presence of termites, weeds and mildew in the crawlspace of my residence, I was taken aback as I had recently given my home, a renovation and I did not expect this to happen. The next day, I consulted with one of my friends about the problem and he told me that it was quite obvious to happen as the vented crawlspaces and the damped basements are the best grounds for the birth and bloom of the menacing agents like termites, dust mites, weeds and rot. He then suggested me a solution of installing a 6 mil Vapor Barrier in my crawlspace as this idea worked for him and surprisingly, the idea worked wonderfully for me as well. Hence, the credit completely goes to the Valiant Vapor Barriers, which fought with the existing termites, weeds and other such damaging agents, checked their advent and escalation and made my home a livable place.


The crawlspace moisture barrier does not only give your house a relaxation from the weeds and termites, but it also benefits in the undermentioned ways:

  • The installation of the crawl space liner is quite quick, easy and cost effective.
  • Not only from termites and weeds, but it also protects the house from other sorts of pests and insects, like mold, rats and cockroaches etc.
  • The vapor barrier ceases the moisture, which is the root cause of all the damaging elements, and checks the moisture from making its way to the walls, storerooms, or basements.
  • It prevents the foul odor from forming and blesses the house with a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.
  • It provides the house with moderate and soothing temperature in both summers and winters and protects the house and its members from extreme conditions.
  • The vapor barriers provide the house with a longer lifespan and give house members healthy, happy and hassle-free life.

Thereby, I advise you all to invest in the vapor barriers and get rid of the destructive elements which can really ruin your precious premises. You will not only see, but feel the change around you and your home will be thankful to you!

A Vapor Barrier is plastic sheeting, which is used for damp proofing and is used mostly in the crawlspaces or in the basement of the house. It is the perfect solution for excess moisture and dampness beneath the house and blesses the house with a longer life.